Je suis un autre Toi / Souviens-toi que tu es poussière et que tu redeviendras poussière.


Autoportraits - 2001

Tirage unique signé et numéroté, lambda collé sur aluminium 2mm, plastifié, lambourdes alu au dos. 120 x 180 cm. 1200 €. Livraison dans le monde entier.


 Autoportraits par Mélanie Morand photographe, et un poème de Gabor Barabas écrit spécialement pour Mélanie lors de leur rencontre à New-York chez son amie feu Louise Bourgeois

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You have taken your pain 

And made it beautiful 

Staring impassively 

Into the indifferent eye 

Of your camera 

You are much more than naked 

Your soul’s laid bare 

Behind you the scarred walls 

Of the abandoned building 

The torn wallpaper 

And always the pain 

The persistent constant 

Despite your change of garments and make-up 

Despite the cloak of your nudity 

I could have loved you 

Caught up in your despair 

Enmeshed in your anguish 

Taken with the simplicity 

Of your eviscerating 

And self-loathing missives:

“I am worthless.  I am ugly.” 

But fate has removed me 

From your catastrophe 

As distant as a genocidal war 

In a far-off land 

And you sit in this room 

On this small metal chair 

Quietly shuffling your photos 

For all to see 

I liked the one 

In the public bathroom 

Where you barricaded yourself 

And took off your clothes and shoes 

As vulnerable as the day you were born 

Your pale body reflected in the mirror 

Amongst the white stalls and tile 

Like a morgue foreseen 

And now you sit silent 

With your hands in your lap 

Your self-destruction circling above you 

Like a carrion bird 

Each snap of your shutter 

A defiant wink at death 

A sleight-of-hand 

And I am like a stranger 

In a stained overcoat 

Staring at you, 

A voyeur 


When suddenly I discover 

That you are wearing red shoes

Another Dorothy exiled from the Emerald City 

Another Dorothy far from home.

                                               Gabor Barabas  

                                                 New-York, 2004

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